Small Scale Charts

Here you can find small scale charts for download.


The charts are made from either public domain data from or from data from which is under the Open Database License. The maps can be used and copied freely according to this license. To my understanding, the copyright is held by Openstreetmap and contributors.

The charts are meant for cruisers who still like to have some form of paper chart around, mainly for trip planning purposes. The downloaded files are meant to be taken to the next copy shop and being printed out on A2 paper.

Although the charts should display all hazards to navigation in one form or the other (and please consider everything inside the 200m depth contour a hazard), currently the maps don’t show all obstacles.

Maps are never complete and the ones here are no exception. They are compiled by using crowd sourced data. The data gets better by the contribution of people like YOU. If you find errors, please tell me about it (e.g. in the comments below), so that the next version could be made better.

These maps are in no way useful for coastal navigation. Please always use other means to navigation (like official charts!) to ensure your intended route is clear of obstacles.

By the way, I’d like to introduce you to the OpenSeaMap Project (short: OSeaM). Its goal is to produce a libre and open source nautical chart of the world. Some of the data used in these small scale charts is derived from the OSeaM data. This data is provided by sailors like YOU.  If you have local knowledge, please consider improving the map yourself- it is not that hard to do. Also, if you have gps tracks with depth data, please upload them to In the long run everyone will benefit from OSeaM. Since we started our circumnavigation on SY THOR three years ago, we use the OSeaM Garmin charts with great success.

hawaii  Hawaii




frzpoly French Polynesia




panama  Central America




galapagos  Galapagos




carribean  Caribbean Sea




azores  Azores




centralatlantic  Central Atlantic Ocean




northatlantic  North Atlantic Ocean




southeastatlantic  South East Atlantic




indiannorth  Indian Ocean North




indianoceaneast  Indian Ocean East




indianoceanwest  Indian Ocean West




southchinasea  South China Sea




marshallislands  Marshall Islands




tasman  Tasman Sea